Saturday, June 05, 2010


My last post was almost exactly a year ago, but it seems like 10 years in my addled head. The last year has been one of the most intense in my almost 50, right up there with the first year of motherhood. The second year of my master's program at Berkeley turned out to be much (much) more challenging than I'd expected, and I layered on several jobs and trying to help Annie through her senior year of high school and the college process. But in the end, we both triumphed - I made it through school and even landed a perfect job, and she settled on UC San Diego's Eleanor Roosevelt College, which looks to be the perfect spot for her.

I'm been sort of floundering since finishing school about a month ago, trying to figure out how to re-orient myself to Real Life and (more importantly) how to narrate it. Because I'm all about the self-narration. I don't know how I functioned before there were blogs posts to write and Facebook statuses to create to frame the moments in my life. It seemed silly to maintain this blog, because I don't sew anymore.

But then my dear sister posted this, would look SO cute in my about-to-be-redone kitchen, and it's a by hand project, and...yeah. So I guess I could get back into the sewing world without much of a push.

And in between sewing a bit, I can regale you with stories of my perfect job, and Annie's adventures in San Diego, and Joe's adventures as a high school student at the big school, and cooking, and then there's running. I'm back at that, too.

So, yeah. That's the story.

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