Friday, March 20, 2009

Back for a Bit

Break started at 2:00pm today, thankfully. It was the glorious, warm spring afternoon one of my professors chose to explain the difference between log linear, logistic and linear regression. If we hadn't all been waiting to burst out the doors of the auditorium like a scene from a movie at exactly 2, we would have all been sound asleep in our chairs.

I knew I was ready for spring break this morning, though, when I realized another stats professor's handouts were beginning to read like poetry to my eyes.

It's spring, but not really much of a break. Yes, I am released from classes for a week, but I still have homework in all my classes and one project due as soon as we get back. I have to shadow an epidemiologist at her job at the EPA on Wednesday, and work full time the rest of the week to make up for time taken off interviewing the last few weeks. Throw in a meeting or event Every. Single. Night. this week, and that rounds things out.

But still. It does feel like a break. Happy spring to all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?

I really am gone until after break, but so much has gone on I wanted to post just to keep a record (that's half the reason I blog...the other, of course, is the glamour).

Not long ago my children were making me absolutely crazy, in a synchronized, water ballet kind of way. Lately, though, they've made me exceptionally proud to be their mom. Joe has morphed into a kid with a budding teenage sense of humor, and has made huge strides in his level of responsibility (and not surprisingly following that, competency) in his academic world. He was told to leave Math Lab (tutoring for those struggling) mid-year, and went from having a failing grade in science in late October to an A+ in March. He exhibited incredible resilience and fortitude along with leadership (of those younger than him) at a dreadfully wet and cold Ultimate tourney two weekends ago. He is taking an on-line HTML class through the local community college and went from needing constant hand-holding from me to zipping through the units to the end with no oversight and, more importantly, no nagging. He's a star.

Girl child is living her own spotlight life. She is in negotiations to spend the summer in Geneva (the one in Switzerland, not the one in Alabama) as a live-in babysitter for someone I know, while taking French at the University of Geneva. Yeah, that'll do for a junior year summer job. She's being trained as the youngest barrista at work. She is stepping up to a leadership role of her own in Ultimate, starting a hardcore SAT prep class tonight, managing to maintain a very sweet relationship via distance with her young man and even being supportive and kind to her family, all whilst maintaining an absurd course load at school with an astonishing GPA. Nope, no steroids...her super powers come from within.

Rob is thinking seriously of abandoning his job for one almost an hour away, losing tenure in the worst economy in memory, which says something about how very much he hates the evil war lords who employ him. Most people would be mean and grumpy given his lot, but he remains cheerful and funny and extremely supportive of his family.

Me? Why, I spent the day talking about boobies and weanies, as was pointed out at dinner tonight. I'm in the middle of internship interviews, and today included two: a breast cancer project in Marin County and the sexually transmitted disease branch of the California Department of Public Health. Also featured the last few weeks have been asthma, obesity and blood. I will be assigned an internship in mid-April, based on a matching algorithm I don't understand. But there's only one I wouldn't want, and I get to throw it off my list, so I'm pretty confident I'll be happy.

School continues to go well, consuming almost all of my time but offering great rewards in return. I've come to understand stuff, like linear regression, that I've worked with my whole career but never really "got." I've learned an incredible amount about global climate change. I've solidified some friendships, become a more confident public speaker and found that in fact there really ARE places to park in Berkeley. You just gotta know where to look.

Annie and I had a great (Great!) trip to see The Guy last weekend, along with his mom, who is a delightful travel companion. The four of us toured Hearst Castle, the campus of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo proper and the mission, Avila Beach, Cambria and most every coffee place en route. Loads of fun.

And that's all the news fit to print.