Sunday, June 14, 2009


That's about what I did today, just nothing. Well, OK, I did buy groceries, and washed the sofa cover and cleaned the bathrooms, but that was about an hour, total, so just a tiny spurt of activity. And then I did bake blueberry muffins, but that was because all I've wanted to do for weeks was to bake, so that was indulging a craving, really. And then I crocheted whilst watching a lot of nonsense TV (The History of Dippin' Dots!). So, really? Nothing.

The coming week, though, holds some fun stuff. Tomorrow Joe and I are, separately, taking public transportation to meet up and watch the suddenly red-hot SF Giants play the LA Angels. This will be his first attempt at crossing the bay on his own (by ferry), so that's kind of cool, and then we got a package deal at the ball park which offers him a ton of food credits, further good news for a garlic fries fan. I will bring the camera.

Then Tuesday, yet another old high school friend found on Facebook is returning to our hometown, and a big group is meeting up after work. At this rate, who needs this fall's planned 30 year reunion? I will have seen everyone.

Friday is dinner with dear friends from college days and their kids, folks we only get to see a couple of times a year. Sunday, of course, is Father's Day. For what's supposed to be the most unstructured week of the summer for us, a fairly full schedule.

We have not heard from Annie, but that is to be expected. She is currently in Washington, DC, and without internet access. Europe happens either Tuesday or Wednesday. The nice bit is that I'm in fairly regular touch with the nannied family's mom, so I'll hear if anything disastrous happens. Otherwise, I can assume no news is good news.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleep of the Dead

All I've wanted for, months, now, is to sleep real sleep. Not the stuff you do because it's 10pm and time to go to bed - I want to sleep REAL sleep. The kind in which you don't wake up 10 times because either you don't want to forget that thing you have to remember first thing in the morning (field trip form? water the veggies? paper due? need to go in early for a meeting? don't forget to pick up the forms to sign a kid up for a class for next year!) or, and this is the worst, you INVENT things in your dreams that you have to wake up early for.*

Tonight is the first night of my summer. It is the night for Real Sleep. I'm down to just one responsibility that I can't shirk (my internship, 9 to 5 M-F). And two more that I can't shirk for more than a day without the potential for death (the vegetable garden and the parakeets). Rob has the dog and Joe (to the extent he needs it) covered, and Annie was put on a plane at 2:00pm today for the summer away.


*I really have begun to do that since early last semester...I have recurring dreams about elaborate time-based problems I have to solve (HAVE to solve) that have me waking up multiple times each night: "don't forget that on odd-numbered Tuesdays you have to be at school at 4:00am! And yesterday was a cloudy Wednesday, so don't be late for your 7:00am meeting! Get up! Get UP!"

It's freaky.