Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Which I Drop Out, For a Bit

Clearly, this semester hasn't been the cake walk I was sure it was going to be. If anything, it's been tougher academically than the last, and I've come to understand the insane standards of Berkeley's School of Public Health, at least for fair to middlin' brains like myself. I do see a couple of people coasting through, but most of us are in a constant state of frenzied, low self-esteem panic, and that's the kids who DON'T care about grades. The ones who do are scary crazy.

So I expected to be sleepless and crazed for the next four weeks. I had a huge project due Thursday (culminating in me talking about vector borne disease, a topic I knew nothing about, for a full hour, no dance routines or adorable animals allowed), and once that was done I knew I needed to catch up on everything else.

Imagine my surprise when I realized Friday evening that, for the most part, I *was* caught up with school. I'd been such a nutjob, I'd only had one day's worth of work to do. Holy crap.

And while I COULD spend this weekend getting ahead, I've instead chosen to spend it being normal. Today we planted vegetables, I cooked dinner (lasagne!), we cleaned and did laundry. Tomorrow is an Ultimate tourney at the beach, followed by a barbecue pot luck for all the families. The weather is glorious, incredible. And I'm just happy as a Pismo clam.

One journal article review, one group project (well underway), one final in stats software class and a few assorted homeworks, and I'm blowing the Berkeley pop stand for the summer. I am beginning my internship at a (transfused) blood research group on May 21, and can't WAIT. They have loads of wonderful data, their interns always publish, and the mentorship is well known to be fantastic.

That's my story. How are YOU?