Friday, March 20, 2009

Back for a Bit

Break started at 2:00pm today, thankfully. It was the glorious, warm spring afternoon one of my professors chose to explain the difference between log linear, logistic and linear regression. If we hadn't all been waiting to burst out the doors of the auditorium like a scene from a movie at exactly 2, we would have all been sound asleep in our chairs.

I knew I was ready for spring break this morning, though, when I realized another stats professor's handouts were beginning to read like poetry to my eyes.

It's spring, but not really much of a break. Yes, I am released from classes for a week, but I still have homework in all my classes and one project due as soon as we get back. I have to shadow an epidemiologist at her job at the EPA on Wednesday, and work full time the rest of the week to make up for time taken off interviewing the last few weeks. Throw in a meeting or event Every. Single. Night. this week, and that rounds things out.

But still. It does feel like a break. Happy spring to all.

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