Wednesday, January 07, 2009

In Which The Unexpected Happens. Again. And Again.

This, my friends, was to be the week that I took it totally easy. This week I am working only 20 hours, and am not in school, and my family has all gone back to work and school. Yeah, this week I was going to run when I damn well felt like it, start painting the living room, sew a bit. Take a few bubble baths, catch a flick with friends. Life was going to be alllllll right.

In the end, I'm grateful that all the crap that happened this week happened THIS week and not a week that was already overloaded, but as of this moment, not feelin' that so much. Here are some things I had to deal with (some of them started before this week, but came to a head since Monday morning, and only the Science Fair and tournament were expected):

  • Multiple plumbing crises, necessitating a day of plumber time today.

  • A phantom car accident that we keep getting information from our insurance company about - but they will not return calls to explain this accident to us.

  • The DMV has completely lost the registration for one of our cars - they don't even have a record of our license plates...they are convinced that this is both our fault and our problem, causing me to spend much time at both the DMV and at the Toyota dealership.

  • A collection agency began going after us for a debt we do not owe (I *swear*! I always pay all of our debts on time - I know who originated this and why, but convincing the collection people of that requires some doing).

  • A crazy week at work, filled with unexpected deadlines and crises.

  • Both Rob and I were asked to apply for jobs, requiring pulling together references and revised resumes and scheduling interviews.

  • It's freakin' Science Fair week at school, which means Oh. My. God. we have to go to the office supply store/hardware store/Cameron's house/Chuy's house/Walgreen's to pick up photos/back to the office supply store...

  • There's a flippin' frisbee tournament stuck onto the end of the week starting Friday. Six hours away, in Santa Barbara.

  • Not enough for you? There's a RECITAL for both kids on Sunday afternoon (yes, the child who will be in Santa Barbara will be driven home by yours truly).

  • Don't forget! Science Fair projects are due Monday morning!

Ack. I don't know why I'm not on medication.

I leave you with this photo, which kind of says it all.


patricia said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry that I found this post and the final photo so funny. I'm sure it's not funny when you're living it.

Maybe you can still squeeze in one of those bubble baths?

Good luck cranking through it all. Maybe things will get better when you start school again. ;-)

Margaret said...

Lordy! Good luck with all of that, esp the car stuff and credit people .... hang in there and just press and eventually you will get through! HUGS as I know how hard these types of weeks can be!! We've had one medical thing after another since early Nov and that means a LOT of travel .... which is VERY stressful on us since the people who are involved are about 13 months old and would rather play than be in a car seat for 3+ hours traveling to where the medical stuff is taken care of .... yay .... OH how I miss sewing!! Tomorrow .... there's ALWAYS tomorrow : )

Julie said...

Can you defer the stuff that isn't time-dependent? Like the DMV and collection agency snafus?

Sorry that you're underwater...