Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Ramblings of the In(s)ane

I try to keep my head in biostatistics, I really do. But then I go to a two hour epidemiology seminar like I did today and get all jazzed up about tracing salmonella epidemics, and my vow to follow the money and security with my job choices goes out the window.

You can read about what we spent the day going over in minute detail here. It was, as the teenage girls say, SO MUCH FUN. OMG.

But stats are fun, too. Really. They're just sort of the homely cousin, the one who grows up to be a lawyer.

I was delighted when I woke up early (4:45am) this morning because it meant I could just stay in bed for a while. Right? Snuggle under the covers. I did that for about five minutes, and then, slowly, a realization dawned.

It was a tempo run day.

The last one didn't go so well, and I've come to see that running in the dark means running slowly, if I'm to survive, so I'd already determined that speedwork and tempos would be gym workouts until spring.

So I needed to get up NOW, unfortunately, and get myself to the gym.

But I outdid my expectations again, twice in a row for speed days, which was really nice. My top tempo pace was 8:00, held for a half mile, with 8:22 half miles on either side of it, plus all the other dross at the beginning and end.

I run the Komen 5K on Sunday, with no expectations. I am faster than I should be only three weeks into training, but on the other hand I have no idea of my endurance level or anything relative to a real race. I'm guessing not a PW, but that's about all I can say.

Oh, and this week my topic cloud "Running" category passed my "Sewing" category. Both of which far outstrip the stuff I'm supposed to care about - the sentient creatures in my life. I was thinking of re-naming my blog something clever about running (I could take Julie's old Runs Like a Girl, but that would be cheating and also confusing for her fans), but maybe I'll just go with All About Me and the Wonderfulness of Me and What I Like to Do.


Stefaneener said...

Well, mostly blogging is all that. I mean, who really needs to see pictures of the adorable kids in my life and hear my musing-while-hanging-laundry self?


patricia said...

Oh yes, All About Me and the Wonderfulness of Me and What I Like to Do is the most brilliant of blog names! I agree with 'neener--that's what a blog's all about. You get to talk about yourself all the time, and you don't even have to listen! Unless someone leaves a comment--and then you are only too happy to listen. For a little while. Then it's back to Me and the Wonderfulness of Me...