Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Quilting

Go figure. I didn't think I had it in me, anymore. But I had a very cranky and squirrely mindset this weekend, and it was perfect for starting something ambitious.

It's gonna be a slow, slow process (at this point, I'm thinking hand-quilting will be both necessary and desirable), so progress pics will be along soon.

'Nuff said.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It was a KBO week. Each child had what looked to be The Real Flu over the last 10 days, sick enough that I took each in for a rare sick visit to the doctor. Both are on the mend, but there was an average of 3.5 school days missed per child during a period in which there was a four day weekend, so that tells you something. Nasty bug.

I had the realization this week that the 5K race I've said I'm going to run in late March is...well...it's in late MARCH. Like: in a few weeks. Holy crap. So I started running mooooore. KBO, I repeated during my first four mile run on Thursday. Just KBO.

The flip side of all this running and healthy living? I hit the first major weight loss goal this week: I lost the coveted first 10% of my starting weight (that's 15 pounds I'm not having to haul). Yes, yes it was very cool, thanks for saying so. In the next week or so I will post about Weight Watchers. I have new found respect, nay, adoration for their (new) program. It has been a great journey. Five more to hit the Real Goal.

Sewing? I did some. Last night I put the very final, absolute finishing touches on my coasters, only to realize I forgot to back one of them. Doh. So I have to undo the binding, add a back and rebind before 2pm (post office closing time) today, and put these out in the mail. It was a great project, and I have several waiting-to-be-bound sets of embroidered coasters to keep on hand for little gifts. Very nice. Whatever I receive in the swap will be gravy.

And that's the news. Today will see me in Castro Valley for a very damp and cold frisbee tournament that I SWORE I WAS NOT GOING TO and tomorrow I intend to hunker down in the stormy weather and do some more sewing. And then it will be Monday, and we're off again.

Monday, February 18, 2008


After dithering forever wrt Amy's coaster swap, I decided I really needed to GET SOME &*%^ COASTERS MADE. So I tossed all my innovative, daring mental designs out the window and went Old Skool. Log cabin blocks (in honor of Mr. Lincoln's day?) with embroidered flowers. I'm almost done with three, need to run to the craft store for more thread. But they should be in the mail tomorrow, which will be a relief.

I'm trying hard not to turn this into a jock blog, so I won't give injury updates, distance updates or weight loss progress charts or tales about my new shoes (although I *could*...you know, if you were interested...? ;-)) but I must swoon briefly over this site, 'cause you don't have to be a jock to appreciate it.

You can map a trip on any streets in the US and get the exact distance, see elevation changes, get your pace information, even figure out calories burned on your walk/run/bike ride. You can view the route with street maps and/or satellite images. And, in keeping with the Web 2.0 spirit of today, it's filled with runs/walks that people in the community of interest have already mapped! So you can shake things up with your routine in your own hometown or when you travel.
It's another one of those moments when technology leaps forward and delights me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Corticosteroids: They're GREAAAAAAAAAT!

A big part of the reason for my recent massive craft slowdown and general dysthymia has been pain. I started physical therapy for my shoulder the first of the year, and after one week of slight improvement things went rapidly south. I not only wasn't responding to the therapy and NSAIDs, things were getting much worse. I finally landed in an orthopedic surgeon's office yesterday, fully expecting to be setting a date for surgery.

Instead, he put synthetic cortisone right into my wounded rotator cuff.

I have several times in the past few years had medical problems that seemed to require really scary solutions, only to find that I lucked out and had the problem right after they'd invented some new alternative to the old really scary stuff. Modern medical marvels, and just in time for me! This was one of those times.

It was not at all scary, not at all painful. They now use a tiny needle, spray you down with super-numbing stuff, fill the syringe with pain killers in addition to the steroids, and Bob's your uncle, just a tiny prick and your joint is good as new. I'm also on some black boxed, almost banned by the FDA pain drugs that I wouldn't even have considered taking a year ago...funny how hurting makes you change your mind about thngs.

It's now been 36 hours and my shoulder is at about 80% capacity, so I am one happy camper. I can wash my hair with my right hand. I can shake hands without bracing myself for agony. I can wave. I may even attack my huge pile of knit UFOs tonight (frogging has been particularly painful...)

Lack of chronic pain has also turned me into a different person, I've noticed. It's like the effect of anti-depressants in the first weeks. All of a sudden, you notice the sun is shining and that food tastes good and people are funny. Who knew? I don't know how long I've been miserable and whiny (although I bet my family can tell me), but it's good to have a break.

Back soon with STUFF DONE.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Seasonal Apathetic Disorder

Back when Spouse and I were young and had too much time and energy on our hands (read: before kids and real jobs) we were devoted to our cats. Besotted with them. The fact that I had chronic asthma while I had cats in the house should suggest to you the passion we felt for these animals.

We gave them silly pet names in addition to their regular pet names, coined clever phrases they would be repeating all the time if they could only speak, etc. I blush now when I think back. They have all now gone to that great kitty climbing tree in the sky, but we've retained some of the silliness of those days.

One of those cute ideas was "hunkering season." This was, as the name implies, the time of year when the cats wanted nothing but to hunker down on any available human body and stay warm and immobile. Attempts to engage the cat were met with hostility. Even thinking about moving while the cat was hunkering was physically dangerous.

We humans still celebrate hunkering season, all these many years later. And this is it.

It is all I can do this week to eke out the energy needed for getting up at 6:15am, getting to work, home to hurl something edible on the table at the family and, quite literally, go to bed (reading for an hour or two, on a good night). It's absurd, but it happens every year about this time. Bills? Feh. Cleaning? Laundry? Dog walking? Get real. Not even knitting. Even the stretch of not raining/freezing weather hasn't revived me. I'm seriously thinking about a sick day tomorrow just to not have to shower.

Experience suggests this will last another week or two, and then I'll start to see tiny signs that spring will one day arrive. I'll be back then. In the meantime, I leave you with this fabulous rap video starring my two brilliant and liberal-minded children, done as a school project during election week. Ladies and gentlemen, Hugs for Huckabee.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

In Which I Eat Nachos, Take Bad Photos

Possibly the worst blog photos ever. But they're (sort of) proof that I did finish one set of coasters (started my set for the swap, but became disgusted with my color choices and decided to start again when I get my sanity back) and made a lunch bag for work...

And as of this evening, my vote choice? My vote goes to the person who vows to ban election ads from any future Super Bowls. I'd way rather look at Janet Jackson's naughty bits.

Whatever shall I do today?

Street running career is temporarily suspended, as I wait for new shoes to arrive (my knees are starting to hurt...next time I will plan ahead and buy new shoes BEFORE they hurt).

Bills are paid, taxes done (waiting 'til April to actually send the gi-normous checks), house tidied and groceries (including Super Bowl Snacks) purchased yesterday.

Vow taken that none of us are going ANYWHERE today, just for the sake of sanity.

Sunday paper read and recycled.

Decided who and what I'm voting for Tuesday.

Hey, I've got an idea...what if I *sewed* something?
Pictures soon.