Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Which I Annoy Members of My Household

A woman avoiding going to work on a beautiful June day. A new camera. A blog.

It's a dangerous combination.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Bits and pieces:

Nikon Coolpix S200 purchased, charging, photos eagerly anticipated. I picked it because I got tired of shopping and comparing and it was in front of me at Costco. Not a sensible choice, but I think understandable.

Craft news? I am trying to locate two balls of Nashua Cilantro in Lavender to finish the Purple Sweater, but am not having much luck. Maybe I'll rip and make it a top down raglan short tank top?

I'm done with GRE prep class. I need to finish up some of the drills and practice tests, but my testing skills have gone through the roof, so I'm hopeful about the outcome. No final date for the exam yet, but within two weeks.

We've been eating a lot of pie.

Teen Princess is due back from camp Saturday. She is missed. We are hopeful that she will have tales of zany good times and cute, er, hot guys, and not a Dickensian work house atmosphere.

Working full time is for the birds, especially in June. But our clinic today was filled with some of the craziest people I've ever met (crazy, literally crazy), so it's not dull.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

In Brief

Yesterday -

County fair: more fun with teens than little kids.

Leif Garrett: may still have a substance abuse problem*.

Deep-fried Snickers: why?

In other news -

Test prep: going very well.

Pie: good as you remember.

Purchasing a camera: too many choices.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

My children and the father of same convinced me to put down the books, close the laptop, and engage today in a long-standing late June tradition in our family. We picked 22 pounds of olallieberries on a gorgeous, classic San Mateo coast day - sun beating down on us while we shivered in the coastal breeze. The berries were warm and sweeter than can be believed. And the children, who first began picking berries when they were still diapered, not only don't put all the pretty red ones (ripe olallies are shiny black, red are like little sour rocks) in the box, they don't scream when they get pricked by thorns anymore, either. Nor do they whine after five minutes in the field. It was glorious, and the TP picked more than me or her dad.

Pies are in our future.

Whatever money we save at the annual visit to the U-Pick we more than make up for with a lunch at Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero. Come for the artichoke soup, stay for the pie. But not cheap.

We followed that, in keeping with tradition, with a dog-directed 3 hour romp at the secret dog beach just north of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the coast. Cal ran and ran and ran and ran, and there was frisbee and tidepooling (we learned today, after many years of tidepooling, that you can make a hermit crab active by holding him in the palm of your hand just under the surface of the water) and digging in the sand and lovely lapping waves and an icy cold Northern California summer wind.

So. You're thinking, where are the photos?

And I will tell you: My 6yo gi-normous, fuzzy and unreliable early tech digital camera rolled over and let out a death rattle before completely shutting down. And I am sad, except that I'm happy to be able to have all the features I want in a camera. In addition to it being blog-perfect, it needs to be a great sports camera with quick shutter speed and focus. I'm thinking of splurging for an SLR. Ideas?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Up For Air

The GRE course is FABulous, well worth the small fortune it is costing. And I now feel both more committed to the idea of the master's and more confident of having it all happen than before. But? Some serious homework action. About 20 hours per week, plus 6 hours of class time, and I'm only getting through the required stuff, not the recommended stuff. And then there will be another two weeks of finishing up/review after it's over, before I take the test. Shoo weeee. I haven't got more than 5 rows done on my one pitiful sock, and no sewing at all.

Ask me how to deal with quadratic equations or create a formula for a word problem involving ratios, though, and I'm all over it. I really can see improvement even in areas in which I was doing fine before. Kaplan rocks.

I cut class today (no worries, I have to do a make up) to attend a super-spectacular graduation ceremony for the school the Teen Princess attends (she is finishing her 9th grade year, these 18 big kids were graduating from 12th). Lots of tears (Big boys crying while they thanked their mothers? There wasn't a dry eye in the house.), laughs, a song played on a ukulele with a broken string, gag gifts for all the seniors from the faculty. And then a big parent-catered reception and dance after.

I so adore this school and the community around it. It has a low crap to good stuff ratio. [c<1/gs>1]

I'm going back in my hole. I'm unlikely to do any crafting until I take the test in mid-July, unfortunately...

Friday, June 01, 2007


When I was a teen and first noticed the word "hiatus", I thought it was one of the screwiest words I'd learned to date. But now I think it's a lovely, highly specific word with a great aural feel to it.

I'll be on one for about a month. My Kaplan GRE course has begun, and I opted to take the course in one month rather than two, so have double the already copious amount of homework until late June. There won't be crafting or much of anything interesting until then, so I shan't bore you...