Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Which I Rave About Web 2.0

Google is the neatest thing since sliced bread. We all know the old-school Google Search, Picasa, Blogger, and my very favorite, Google Earth. But today? Today I fell in love all over again.

It started when the "a" key on my laptop gave up the ghost. I hve to, er, hAve to hit "a" three times to make it work. The last straw on a rapidly failing machine. A new laptop is being made for me as we speak in Dell-land. But Evil Microsoft has now taken Outlook out of the Home/Student version of Office, and I hate Outlook Express. So what to load up when the new machine arrives?

I looked at Open Office, but no email program. MS Office Professional, including Outlook? $399. Hyeah, right. And then I stumbled onto GMail - oooooooooooh my. I can keep my old email address? No POP server to get wonky? Access from any web browser? A nifty add-on that informs me of new email even if I don't have a browser open? A stunningly simple interface? I can import all of my contacts easily? A bare bones chat program for grown-ups?

All over it like a bad rash.

And that led me to Google Docs Beta - Office-like web-based productivity software that can be instantly saved in any of a zillion formats (including Office formats, PDF, HTML), and can be edited by anyone you invite, saved online and again, accessed from any browser. Did I already say FREE? Um? Or $399 to Mr. Gates? Hmmmmmm.

So, we're switching. Further reviews as events warrant. I think it will make my kids' lives so much easier - we have three computers here, only one hooked up to a printer, and they are constantly on any of 20 computers at school. This should make memory sticks and emailing to oneself a thing of the past.

In other news, I finished the knit baby sweater (photos next post), a super cute hat and most of a matching jumbo scarf. I need to start some socks...I have my eye on a cool Interweave free pattern. I also need to make that dalmatian baby quilt - the fabrics are washed and ironed and waiting and the baby is due in 8 weeks. Application to UC Berkeley is out the door, the other two are almost done.

Next week? Knitting in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In Which I Say What We've Been Up To

Accidental photographs? Sometimes they're better than the planned ones. This photo of the Teen Princess captures her perfectly. The lovely red-head on the right is a teammate, and they are dining on pizza in Livingston, CA, after an Ultimate tourney.

Things have been a little nutsier than usual here with viral bugs and two tournaments and so on. I did get all but one sleeve done on this cutie for my office-mate's older daughter (the pink rosy quilt is for her baby) - but then lost half my pair of size 8 needles...grr. But I will purchase more and finish this weekend. This was fun: it turned out to be a little small, so I decided to single crochet around the outsides and then crochet together the pieces. Nice and neat, lays flat, it's perfect. I will clean up the front when I put in the collar, and then add some buttons and loops.

And here are photos from the quilt show. It was fun, and my quilts fit in just fine. I will try to make it a yearly event.

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