Friday, May 25, 2007

10 Great Things About Today

Sometimes the box of crackerjacks has the prize you really really wanted, and sometimes the box has that and an extra surprise and the crackerjacks are particularly fresh and crunchy and there's a rare triple peanut cluster waiting for you to boot! That was my Friday, May 25, 2007.
  1. I attended a meeting with a whole bunch of people who wanted to hear what I had to say (this has never happened before at this job, not once).
  2. At the end of that meeting I got to meet the man I would most like to work for in the whole world (I've known about him for a while) and he took time to shake my hand warmly and inquire into my background and, upon finding out that I will be applying to UC Berkeley this fall, offered to help in any way that he could and even offered some suggestions for how that might work.
  3. I got to finish completely catching up on the job I'm leaving - completely caught up. I was thumb twiddling by the end of the day.
  4. My children all got where they needed to go via the efforts of other people! Yes, responsible adults remembered times and addresses and drove them around. (TP is off on, get this, a river rafting birthday party weekend! Makes the old pizza and pinata thing seem a little weak, eh?)
  5. I got home to find out that one of our very favorite children in all the world landed a coveted spot in my children's school for next year. This is a child who has struggled dreadfully socially at her current middle school, so she was shrieking and running around in circles with joy - it was lovely to watch.
  6. Her mom also works, but different hours than I do. And - ready? - they LIVE NEXT DOOR. Given that the school is a 15 to 20 minute drive away, this is so fabulously exciting, I can't even tell you. Like winning the carpooling lottery (if you don't live in California, here's a news flash - we don't do school busses, nor is there decent pubtrans - it's BYOKid). When I heard the news I shrieked and ran around in circles with joy.
  7. It's pizza night - just heard the door slam, spouse has hunted/gathered for us.
  8. I found some sock yarn in my stash - lovely superwash in a navy blue from Knitpicks - and after trying and failing to get the seamless toe up sock going at least 20 times last night (fer real), I finally got it and have a very nice toe to show for it. If you look carefully, the needles are different sizes. Amazingly, I get gauge with this technique (three 1's, two 2's) where I couldn't with all 1's or all 2's. Will I regret this decision? Knitters, please advise.
  9. My adored skincare products were stolen with my suitcase, and replacements arrived today - huzzah!
  10. It's a THREEEEE day weekend (I'd forgotten) and it's filled with things I like to do! An acupuncture appointment, knitting, a hockey game with JMan, pedi/manicures with the TP and 2 friends to celebrate her birthday, and finishing up that dastardly bathroom.

Ahhhhhhh. It's a good life.

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amy said...

excellent list!

and you with the skincare references, lol!