Friday, April 27, 2007

My Son, the Stud

We knew there would be shots. Yes, we did. But we didn't think it would be quite so difficult to get them.

Backstory: I was Anti-Vax Mom for years and years. (I didn't cut my hair or wear makeup either. I'll write about those days some time, but I won't show pictures.) Then I got into health care and reading epidemiology and decided that vaccines might not be the worst thing in the world and in fact might even be a good thing, and so got the TP up-to-date with shots before school started for her.

So about 3 months ago J-Man and I went in for his school shots - 9 months in advance of his starting school. Plenty of time to get a jump start on the many he'd have to have. He got worked up about the needles, but he knew he could handle it, and I promised no more than two at a visit, preferably one. Alas, the pedi's office could not find his chart on the day of our visit. So we were to come back. Long story short, it took all this time for the chart to be found.

We were on time today, and he was more than a little nervous, but he had strategies for how he would deal with the poke. Yes, he did, and he was even cracking a few jokes. But we had to wait and wait and wait and after a while it was clear the wait was getting on his nerves.

Finally the PA comes in to talk. Ahem. They've lost the chart again. But after a quick look at my face, they decided it might be worth finding it, and after about five minutes had it in hand. Then the medical records gal came in to talk about some chart issues. Then, check it out, there was a freakin' FIRE DRILL and the whole building was evacuated for 20 minutes. Then we had to stand in a long line to take the only elevator up because they couldn't find the key to open the stair door.
Still with me?

Then we get back in the room. Nine year old nursing students arrive. Why are you here?, they ask. Shots. Oh, you have his shot record, right? No, that's in his chart. Uh, there are no shot records here...?

Fortunately, unlike preteen nursing students, I have some actual experience with chart review, and point out the records. So. The pedi arrives.

A lengthy discussion of a shot schedule ensues. How many today? She and I agree we don't need to make a pincushion out of him - just one or two today. How many in a month?

J-Man has been silent as the grave for all of this. Three months worth of silence. Finally, unexpectedly, he speaks up:

Why don't I just have one shot, see how much it hurts, and if it's not too bad I'll just have all of them?

And dang if that isn't what he did. THREE pokes in the arm, all calm and cool with narrative about whether it was stinging or achy, three Bugs Bunny band aids. We have to go back for one more during the summer, and then it's just boosters at his annual visits.

He's totally my hero. He got whatever he wanted at the ice cream parlor afterward, naturally (double scoop mint chocolate chip, choco sprinkles and 3 cherries, one for each shot).


Stefaneener said...

Atta boy, J-man! And what a ridiculous day. Really. I tell you, I don't miss that practice One Teeny Bit.

Sigh. Glad for the ice-cream

amy said...

STUD! Way to go.

Julie said...

A tolerance for tedium coupled with a high pain threshold?

Get that kid training for marathons!

Sarabeada said...

Hey goood ice cream!
I hate shots

sewsy said...

Out of the mouths of babes...;-)