Sunday, April 15, 2007

I ***MADE*** Something!

Determined to create something, anything, out of fabric, I went through my stash for about an hour last night. Turns out, (who knew?) I have boxes and boxes of hideous fabric. It's clear that a purge is necessary soon.

I did find a funny vintage (I'm thinking mid-1960's) farm print - it cried out for fussy cutting. And I knew I wanted to be doing something complex, and yet simple (something that presented a challenge for just half my brain, and let the other half doze?). I'm thinking: paper piecing.

Quilters either love it or hate it. I feel both. I love the neatness and coloring-in-the-lines feel, hate thinking backwards and messing up one seam out of 10 because I didn't catch enough fabric in the seam, or placed it where it will finally lie, not the opposite.

But this is a fun pattern:, and it's turning out nicely. The neutral is actually a little browner IRL, closer to the light tan in the print. And I have a very funky vintage that just happens to match up almost perfectly for a border and backing. Should be nice! I'm not letting the fact that each block is averaging 2 hours deter me. Not one bit.

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amy said...

i love that print! keep us posted.