Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My vow for the rest of this week is to seek imperfection. Work and home lives both have been crazy, and I've been wanting to pull off the Perfect Christmas and Perfect Gifts and why not go on a diet while I'm at it?

Today our babysitter called in sick, good girl, and so I'm forced to just stop and re-evaluate. I do need to go in to work today through Friday (big deadline on Friday, which is amazing timing, isn't it?), and I do need to get the teen to her ice skating party today and everyone to a friend's on Saturday night. Beyond that, what do I *really have* to do between now and Christmas?
  1. Cash gifts for sitters
  2. Food for Christmas dinner
Wow! That's not bad at all! A trip to the bank, I've already ordered the turkey...and some thinking time.

What would I really like to get done?
  1. A clever (yet easy) way to hide the BIG family gift that's a total surprise from me (but fits in an envelope)
  2. Christmas cards (cards, photos ready, stamps purchased)
  3. Little gifts for office mates who have made life good for me
  4. A few more stocking stuffers for kiddies
  5. Knit ornaments for US
OK, worth a shot, but no pressure.

What's a complete fantasy, but fun to think about for some other point in my life?
  1. Perfect cookies made for everyone (gosh, these look beautiful!)
  2. Perfect mitts for ME
  3. A perfect wreath for the door!
  4. Perfect quilts (no link!)
What do I wish for friends, family and strangers alike?
  1. A new year full of joy and love, free from strife!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Love a Parade

I had fun! The Princess, not so much...cranky teenage afternoon. But we did some service for the community (thanking a major sponsor with a banner walk), met some nice people (TP's friend, who walked the last 1/3 of the way with us, is also shown here), and got a free banana and granola bar. Oh, and the sweatshirt!