Friday, September 08, 2006

A Good Day

It takes surprisingly little to blow my skirt up at 45 years of age. I'm having a great day, and it's 3:30pm.

1. Son and self and several of his friends and their parents went to the NUMMI car factory this morning. They make Toyotas and the Pontiac Vibe. This is my second trip (you have to be 10 to go, so son had never gone), and it's one of my favorite field trips. Free, fun, noisy, spectacular, and makes you want to work in a factory.

2. Two fabulous things in this laundry room photo. One is that there is a working washer (spinning right now in the next room and I CAN'T HEAR IT). Delivered today, right on time, efficiently and easily. The second is that, for the first time in 7 years, the doors on both the washer and dryer open opposite each other, so I don't have to lift wet clothes over a door before putting into the dryer.

This is incredibly wonderful, and also very humbling. I watched them swap the door around on the washer and thought, "ohhhhhh...I could do that..." and then I slapped myself on the forehead ala Homer and cried "DOH!" 7 freakin' years I cursed my laundry set-up. And in exactly 3 minutes, I fixed the dryer door and am done.

3. The greatest pair of pants ever. Gap, back of the clearance rack, no tag. Tried them on despite not knowing the price, and said to myself, "I would pay $100 for these pants. I would. These are perfect pants, I look great, they're comfortable, machine washable, good for work."


$11.97. Man, I wish they had a few more pairs lying around, but even an on-line search netted nothing.

4. Fairy quilt binding = done. Fairy quilt overlays = done. Me + needle + thread + about 2 hours ought to do it. And here's the reason I haven't finished yet...I'm having too much fun knitting Sausalito.


sewingsuzee said...


When I showed my husband the dryer door change, he said, and I do quote, "Wasn't it like that before?"

amy said...

lol, husband!

the pants: keep searching ebay. I have a favorite skirt and favorite slippers - about once every 6 months they turn up on ebay. I only have backup skirt, but three pairs of my favorite slippers! hee. (They're from Avon, of all strange things, and they aren't made new anymore)

Stefaneener said...

The dryer (and refrigerator and washer) door trick is one of my favorite. I sure wish I'd known you were cursing it. . . Have you asked your shopping buddies to look for those pants? It sounds like a super duper duper day.

Spouse of yours can be remarkably, well, obtuse.