Saturday, September 16, 2006

Too Much

I was going to be clever and say that the government had removed my blog due to its subversive messages, but the truth is that for the next month I need to temporarily hang up my bloggin' shoes.

I will get to see a lot of hotel rooms, several airports, a few camping sites and many lovely friends and family members (plus learn a whole lot of technical information at a trade conference for a few days), but in turn will not get enough sleep or enough crafting in. My goal is to finish Sausalito and get Halloween decor up by the end of the marathon (mid-October) - wish me luck!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Summer Sunday

The kiddies vetoed our too-boring ideas for family fun for the day, so:

(Note lack of ratty-looking summer vegetables, and optimistic little white labels where seeds for fall veggies went in.)

(Fairy quilt overlays...2 out of 7 done, Princess chose the upper style of stitching for them. I hope to finish tonight, and also add some beads.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a $6.00 lavender bath bomb just calling my name...

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Good Day

It takes surprisingly little to blow my skirt up at 45 years of age. I'm having a great day, and it's 3:30pm.

1. Son and self and several of his friends and their parents went to the NUMMI car factory this morning. They make Toyotas and the Pontiac Vibe. This is my second trip (you have to be 10 to go, so son had never gone), and it's one of my favorite field trips. Free, fun, noisy, spectacular, and makes you want to work in a factory.

2. Two fabulous things in this laundry room photo. One is that there is a working washer (spinning right now in the next room and I CAN'T HEAR IT). Delivered today, right on time, efficiently and easily. The second is that, for the first time in 7 years, the doors on both the washer and dryer open opposite each other, so I don't have to lift wet clothes over a door before putting into the dryer.

This is incredibly wonderful, and also very humbling. I watched them swap the door around on the washer and thought, "ohhhhhh...I could do that..." and then I slapped myself on the forehead ala Homer and cried "DOH!" 7 freakin' years I cursed my laundry set-up. And in exactly 3 minutes, I fixed the dryer door and am done.

3. The greatest pair of pants ever. Gap, back of the clearance rack, no tag. Tried them on despite not knowing the price, and said to myself, "I would pay $100 for these pants. I would. These are perfect pants, I look great, they're comfortable, machine washable, good for work."


$11.97. Man, I wish they had a few more pairs lying around, but even an on-line search netted nothing.

4. Fairy quilt binding = done. Fairy quilt overlays = done. Me + needle + thread + about 2 hours ought to do it. And here's the reason I haven't finished yet...I'm having too much fun knitting Sausalito.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend - No Time for Work

Friend extraordinare Tina emailed me Saturday night with an offer of her brother's company's season tix for Sunday's Oakland A's game vs. the Baltimore Orioles. 8th row, right over the bullpen. Ummmmmm...YES! She even had a parking pass. She and her son were two sections over, so we hung out with them just for the ninth. The game was silly lopsided - 9 to 1 in the 1st inning. Here's a shot of the 7th inning one-run homer by...somebody (I'm not a shoot me) and another of the kiddies after the game (free teddy bears for kids, too!). We had a great time, and only a little sunburn when it was over.

Saturday was housecleaning, and today...drumroll...was LAUNDROMAT day. No new washer until next Friday, so there was more than a little.

To answer the critics and nay-sayers, the dog loves the bed, and the spikes have worked so far.

Soon I will have Fun with Fiber. I really, really will.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chapter 77: In Which There Are Tears, Cheers, Spikes and a LOT of Money Spent

The Teen Princess started school, and had a rough but ultimately rewarding first week. Here she is in her sartorial choice for the first day. Note the time on the clock. And even at that, we were almost late. We homeschoolers do not do early well.

I'm hopeful that she'll blog about her experiences, but I'll just say that she is someone to be proud of. You rock, TP. (She's getting great grades so far, too!)

Our washer died this week, which was probably a good thing. It had been unpredictably putting black spots on clothes, and I was afraid to wash my work clothes or quilts or new fabrics in it. So as of next Wednesday, I'm the proud owner of a new Neptune front-loader.

I made the mistake of taking my spouse shopping, and came home with a delivery date for a dishwasher, too.

Some women's husbands complain about spending, my husband believes in it as a vocation. But in his defense, we will surely have the quietest dishwasher in our town.

And then, since he was on a roll, we bought a new sofa. And two rugs. Egad.

And then, since we didn't want the dog to ruin the new sofa, we bought plastic spike sheets to keep him off, and a dog bed. And treats to help in training him.

Good God.

Crafting? Who has time? I'm a professional shopper.

Knitting: I did start Sausalito, by Dolce Handknits, in a lovely brown cotton - for work.

Quilting: I am almost done with the binding on the fairy quilt and have printed out the overlays. I might be able to get it done this weekend.