Thursday, June 15, 2006


First, to the sewing. After looking at all the fabrics in that photo, I just didn't like 'em. So I'm making an astonishing (for me) decision. I'm going to BUY MORE FABRIC, in the original patterns, and make this thing look the way I want it to. With one exception, the stash fabrics are going back in the stash.

I did buy silk organza, silk chiffon and cotton scrim - will test all with the Ink Jet Set this weekend.

Next, the rest of life. Our lives are already tossed all around with the new job (schedule still to be decided, but so far taking up lots of phone and in-person time, and I'm not even getting paid yet). This morning we got the word that TP made it to the top of the waiting list at her chosen high school, and starts in late August. After 9 years of homeschooling, it's a "wow" moment. And that now means we need more careful child-care arrangements for the boy child, who is neither old enough nor responsible enough to be on his own for any length of time. Plus we're thinking we really need to finish up Algebra over the summer for the soon-to-be fun fun!

More: I got the additional offer I wrote about last time, and then yesterday got a call from the folks at another job I REALLY REALLY WANTED, and which would pay a ton, and was perfect and so on and on and on. But the idea of pulling the plug on the first offer and starting the interview process over, and then adding a hairy commute, and more responsibility...I said, ahem, "Sorry, no." Hmmm.

But dang! 6 months with NO response to over 35 applications, and in one week I get 2 offers and an interview call. What's the deal with that?

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Cecilia said...

Wow on the job offers. I hope I have similar luck, although I'd really really REALLY like not to have to wait six months for a job! :-/